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Blizzard Alert: Shovel Carefully

Top Ten Tips To Healthy Shoveling:

1. If you have cardiovascular disease, pay someone else to clear your snow.

2. Dress appropriately, wearing multiple layers of clothing, keeping as much skin covered as possible (frostbite can take place in much less time than you think).

3. Shovel small sections at a time, taking frequent breaks.

4. Do not overload the shovel with heavy amounts of snow.

5. Bend at the knees when lifting the snow.

6. Avoid twisting your body when moving the snow. Instead, move your feet in the direction you want to place the snow and toss it in front of you.

7. If your back begins to bother you...STOP.

8. If you experience chest pain...STOP IMMEDIATELY. If the pain persists, is accompanied by numbness down your arm, jaw pain or difficulty breathing, call 911!

9. Drink plenty of water before you begin to hydrate your muscles.

10. Make it into a family affair and get help from the kids.

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